This project engages residents and visitors in rural Colorado to discuss and express local environmental issues and create spaces where meaning-making and creative representation of scientific data becomes possible. The first location is Trinidad, Colorado.


We are calling out to artists, activists, citizen scientists, ranchers, youth, senior citizens, residents and visitors to contribute ecological media (ecomedia) with a focus on water scarcity and water quality for public video projection installations. We will facilitate co-creation workshops with local residents and community stakeholders that will explore your contributions and produce a collage of visuals for the interactive video projections.


Ecomedia encompasses a wide diversity of media; visual art, quantitative and qualitative data, water samples, log notes, photography and videography of the lakes and their contributing watersheds, documentation of restoration efforts, poetry, traditional stories and more. Participants can contribute to this project by adding an "observation" preferably by signing up and contributing to the CitSci project with text and images related to a particular geographical location. You also have the option of submitting media and a description directly via this website. However, if you would like to get engaged with the citizen science community, we highly recommend joining CitSci.

We proudly use CitSci to host our citizen science project. CitSci.org: A global citizen science support platform. CitSci.org, Fort Collins, Colorado. Available at: https://www.citsci.org.